Money, Bitcoin & Nonviolence

The Brave New World Of A Peaceful Economy

When Mankind learned to farm, this, of course, enabled him to easily sustain himself, and to build up permanent structures and villages, since sustenance was localized and plentiful year after year. Coincident with this was the need to form some sort of security or organized military to protect the valuable surplus of food and other stores. The very land which was settled upon became a valuable resource, and the produce from it became a form of value for barter, trade, money. Claims were made on the land as property owned. Markers were set out, and boundary lines set in place.

Nations were born, and thus, also war…the utter, ruthless, ever-present threat of complete annihilation.

Goods, commodities, resources, energy (especially slave labor), minerals, riches, and gold, all became a liability to the madness caused by the natural, savage forces for survival, peace, riches, power, and the privilege to write history.

Gold's scarcity and beauty won out as the most prized and valued representation of wealth and power.

By @ 950 B.C., it's said about King Solomon that he received “tributes” of 25 tons of gold annually, not to mention what was already amassed from the spoils of war, or from annual revenues taken in from trading. If an estimate that Solomon owned 500 tons of gold is true, in today's value, that's roughly $30 Billion of gold. Silver had little value in his day, as it's said silver was as common as stones within his city. This seems like an unexaggerated claim, as the exploits of Alexander The Great through Persia @ 330 B.C. claim he amassed almost 7000 tons of gold.

Fast-forward to today, and gold is still by far, the most highly prized form on Earth to represent wealth and power. It's estimated in 2021 that there's close to 200,000 tons of the precious metal “above ground.” Today's global gold market cap is @ $10 Trillion.

Enter in Bitcoin, which meets at The Trifecta Tsunami of population, technology, and The Internet Of Money. Bitcoin has de-materialized the notion of value derived from the physical represention of material wealth, and transformed it through time and space into a digital, electric world.

This value (or bitcoin), materializes as 1's and 0's on a digital ledger which births the representation of value in an electric world. Yet even with or without electricity, if the “private key” securing the bitcoin is preserved, (even on a piece of paper or within someone's brain) as long as 2 + 2 = 4, that bitcoin will exist with its perceived value, or lack of it.

In Bitcoin's digital world, there exists no swords, guns or bombs. Essentially, the only way to own bitcoin is by electrically mining “virgin” bitcoin, or trading in some fiat currency's representation of value for bitcoin. (One may obtain bitcoin as payment received for services rendered, but all bitcoin was mined at the expense of electrical energy.)

So as game-theory suggests, as Bitcoin increases in price valuation, all fiat currencies as a whole devalue commensurately. The end-game of this could mean the eventual unpegging or abandonment of all present fiat currencies. (i'm not saying this will happen; only that it's a theoretical possibility.)

Therefore, the madness caused by the natural, savage forces for survival, peace, riches, power, and the privilege to write history, is being nonviolently transformed (in the 2020's) into wealth and power as claims of property owned by Bitcoiners on digital real estate accounted for in the electric world of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is The Internet Of Money, where digital ledgers of account represent value without the madness of violence.

Math, not madness, transforms wealth and power into a growing Digital Economy, and is bringing forth a hope for a Brave New World Of A Peaceful Economy.

i wish you well, i wish you wealth, i wish you health, and until next time Peace!

SatoshiConomy USA