Is Bitcoin The Greatest Invention In History?

Some Guy On The Interweb's Rant About Bitcorn & The Human Species

Fire, the wheel, the automobile, the airplane, the Internet, the Bitcoin?

All these inventions affected millions, 100's of millions, or billions of people.  Penicillin is estimated to have saved over 200 million lives in under 100 years -an incredible invention!

Yet "money" affects everyone...and not only as coins or currency.  At a deeply fundamental level, money is a language of value exchange between two parties, and has taken countless forms, such as sea shells, fur, cigarettes, or even marbles or cell-phone minutes.

So if you argue there's anything else more universal and essential than "money" for Mankind's worldly needs...please feel free to state what it is in the comments below.👇

In other words, a monetary design which lives in Cyberspace on a global, free, open-source Internet Network...this EASILY enables Bitcoin to potentially affect more billions of people than any other THING in human history!

And Bitcoin's history is young.  Yet at twelve years old, it became the fastest entity in world history to a $Trillion valuation.  It took:  Google -21 years, Amazon -24 years, Apple -42 years, and Microsoft -44 years.

i know...there's still soooo many people saying such bad things about Bitcoin & Cryptos.  They said the same things about the printing press, bicycles, electricity, the automobile, the airplane, the get the idea.  Yet:

*Bitcoin is the first money in human history designed with a limited supply.  *It's also the first money in history controlled by rules and not rulers.  *It's also the first money in history which requires no banks.  No wonder it get's a bad rap.😎

But in this present age, people from all walks of life, creeds, colors, preferences and distinctions are uniting by voting out fiat currencies and its centuries-old, debt-based, global financial system. This centuries old banking and financial design only survives as it feeds off of greater and greater indebtedness through infinite money-printing.

In an Internet Age of more widely available intel, the collective global populace is seeing the centuries old financial structure for what it's truly characterized by:

*A war-torn-world, which at times saw both sides of the war funded by the same banker. *Taxation of global citizen's time & money through designed inflation. *A financial system which can only survive as it feeds off of greater and greater debt, perpetrated by infinite money-printing. Ponzi? *The societal ills closely correlated to inflation such as stress, unrest, crime, violence, poverty, death, disease and divorce. *A system with systemically rampant cases of fraud, manipulation, corruption and malfeasance, with fines totaling 100's of billions of dollars...which represent a TINY portion of the nefarious profits, and with incredibly low prosecutorial conviction and incarceration rates.

*What l👀ks to be true is that some bad actors have paid their fines for manipulating the market…by continuing to manipulate the market! *A system described three-hundred years ago as having an inherent Cantillon Effect, which stated in 1730 that, "The first recipient of the new supply of money is in the convenient position of being able to spend extra dollars BEFORE prices have increased." 

In other words, those closest to the money printing get $200 BEFORE passing "Go" instead of after, like the rest of the Monopoly players do…or don't.

So the timeliness of the birth of the electric Internet, followed by the emergence of a money-design layer on top of said Internet (known as the Bitcoin Blockchain) is clearly more than a once-in-a-lifetime's more like, as some people around these parts say..."A once-in-a-species opportunity."

i tend to agree, but who am i?  i'm just some guy on the Internet...who wholeheartedly believes that all these $Trillions will soon be valued in Bitcoin and not dollars by the end of this here decade.



"i wish you well, i wish you wealth, i wish you health, and until next time, Peace!"


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