What Is Bitcoin? #1

An Orange Pill Power Primer

As the first in a “What Is Bitcoin?" series, here i will make some definitive descriptions of what Bitcoin is regarding some of its important design features, and how it's being used in today's world.

In subsequent articles, i'll describe some of its:


*early history

*noteworthy personalities

*present-day status

*future potentialities

To be sure, i've read many excellent articles about “What Is Bitcoin,” and so it seems practically impossible for me to adequately summarize what it is in one article. “What Is Bitcoin #1” attempts to offer an overall generalization of Bitcoin’s fundamental features and how it’s used in today’s global culture. So here goes…

Bitcoin is the first money in history

which separates military might & riches, and it does so without a shot fired! Thus, it’s a peaceful technology, embodying the power of money without bullets, bombs or bimbos. It's also the first money in history with:

*a deflationary supply rate (even despite increased demand).

*a capped supply

*provably true scarcity, verifiable via an open-sourced, triple-ledger accounting system available to billions

Therefore, Bitcoin is a peaceful monetary technology, bringing freedom and prosperity as the world has NEVER known. Truly generational value is captured by the great risk of its early adoptees as a generation-disrupting technology.

Bitcoin is the identified entity of global financial freedom,

fueling the fire of a global movement of financial hope, which will empower billions of freed financial slaves breaking away from a centuries old legacy financial system characterized by designed inflation, corruption, cronyism, debt, disenfranchisement, fraud, market manipulation, centralization of power, and moral hazard...to name a few.

Bitcoin is programmed by rules and not rulers, and is the most influential monetary innovation in history, by far.

Bitcoin’s monetary design empowers billions individually as a collective monetary unit, as opposed to empowering a very few with design controls as a centralized unit, as we’ve seen through human history. Bitcoin’s design sees no race, gender, title, preference, status, age, national boundary, or flag, yet unifies all under a set of verifiable, unchangeable, programmed rules via a public, open-source, triple-ledger accounting system which has become the most powerful digital monetary network of computing power (by far) in the history of Mankind. This digital monetary network is unhacked, and with every “block” of verified data added to its blockchain approximately every ten minutes, essentially becomes a brand new “whole” even more unhackable than it was ten minutes prior.

Bitcoin enables independent wealth creation, while eliminating rent-seeking middle-man fees. Bitcoin is The Internet Of Money, using light speed to save time, thus increasing the velocity of global commerce, thereby increasing the demand for Bitcoin, even while its supply rate reduces. Thus, Bitcorn provides the greatest opportunity in history for the common man to attain and sustain multi-generational wealth.

Total global wealth doesn't change -it changes hands. Bitcoin is:








*has no king, no flag

*no CEO, no owner








*no/low fees


*never closes (24/7/365), and

*has never been hacked.

Bitcoin will enable billions to be their own bank...literally have their own bank in their own pocket.

The disruptive benefits and speed of these historic FinTech innovations makes it IMPERATIVE for you to have reliable, credible, Crypto News & Info.

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